No Regrets

Posted by Meenal Sharma on

Standing by my patient’s bedside as I push medications through her IV, I found my self starring out the large window in her room. It was a beautiful sunny day out there, perfect to be out on the river.

I found myself wondering what my patient would have been doing if she was not stuck here in the hospital. Does she long to be out there with the rest of the world? Or has the burden of her disease just caused her to loose all her desire to live life?

People always says "Live everyday like it's your last" or " Enjoy the little things in life", we never really understand this until our time on this earth is about to come to an end. We spend so much of our time in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to live everyday to the fullest and enjoy life. When we finally do get the time to live life, that's when we fall ill and  are not able to do the things that we were waiting to do all this time. 

No matter what milestone we are in life and no matter what the situation is, we should always live life and enjoy everything and everyone around us as as we go. If we wait for the right time to start living, we may never be able to. The most important wealth is health. Once our health is not there, not much will else will be possible. So take care of yourselves, live life, and stay healthy.

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