Well Wishes Box started as a dream that became a reality. At Well Wishes we focus on milestones that happen in and around hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, such as births, illness, recovery and unfortunately death and dying. As a Registered Nurse working closely with ICU patients I have been able to gather my experience and emotions with all of these milestones and thoughtfully place them in a box to help bring comfort to its recipient.

Each Well Wishes Box is carefully assembled using handpicked items from USA based manufactures that produce their handmade products in small batches with the highest quality natural, organic or vegan ingredients. Most of the handmade products are made by myself or my fellow crafty nurses. Well Wishes is committed in supporting other small women owned businesses and crafters.

Well Wishes is truly a small business and when we say " we" it really means "I" as this business is run solely by me. Well Wishes is also committed in not adding to the global warming and pollution crisis by using ecofriendly products as much as possible. 

I believe that health is wealth as I have seen my patients loose all hope and desire to enjoy life because of their illness all too often. I hope that you and your recipient will enjoy these Well Wishes Boxes and that It can bring some hope and happiness in the lives of those going through a difficult time. Stay safe, healthy and blessed and thank you for supporting my dream.