Our Story

Well Wishes Box started as a dream that became a reality. At Well Wishes we focus on milestones that happen in and around hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, such as births, illness, recovery and unfortunately death and dying.

Well Wishes is truly a small business and when we say " we" it really means "I" as this business is run solely by me based in California. As a Registered Nurse working closely with ICU patients, I have been able to gather my experience and emotions with all of these milestones and thoughtfully place them in a box to help bring comfort to its recipient.

I believe that health is wealth as I have seen my patients lose all hope and desire to enjoy life because of their illness all too often. I hope that you and your recipient will enjoy these Well Wishes Boxes and that it can bring some hope and happiness in the lives of those going through a difficult time. Stay safe, healthy and blessed and thank you for supporting my dream.